When do you encourage applicants to apply?

We normally recommend that applications be submitted between Thanksgiving and Christmas to ensure timely completion.

Are there any specific characteristics that you target in the applications to help you identify the ‘best fit’ candidates?


What should applicants most heavily emphasize in their work experience?

A resume is sufficient for the committee to ascertain accomplishments.

How important is an applicant’s LSAT score and what advice do you have for applicants who struggled with this exam?

Since the LSAT does predict first year performance, it is an important component of the application. We also utilize it in comparing the applicant pool for the year in terms of homogeneity and competiveness. We do, however, review the entire application file and do not focus solely on the LSAT in our decision making.

For those students who have difficulty with standardized tests, we strongly recommend not taking the LSAT until they have had sufficient time to prepare.

What is LUC’s policy regarding applicants who take the LSAT multiple times?

We look at the individual scores and the average.

What was the LSAT score range for admitted applicants this past year?


The 25-75 percentile range of the enrolled class was 157-161.

How important is the personal statement in the admissions process?

It is extremely important, since the majority of our applicants have good academic records.

Are there any common mistakes that applicants tend to make with their personal statements?

In our particular case, not following the specific directions requested for our essays.

Does your staff offer evaluative interviews?


Let’s talk about waitlists. How many applicants do you anticipate will end up on the waitlist for at least some part of the year? How many of them will be eventually accepted off of the waitlist and what advice would you like to share with any waitlisted applicant who happens to come across this interview transcript?

This varies from year to year and it is dependent upon the pool of candidates and the volume.

Over the last five years, we have placed an average of 200-250 on the waitlist and have taken 0-50 from the waitlist. For the last two years, there were less than 5 people on the waitlist who received offers of admission.

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