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Well, I got an acceptance letter from University of Pacific today. My first one. One down, 34 more to go!

It came in the famous “big envelope.” I’m thinking, “it can’t be…not this early.” But it was. Everybody! Kahlua and milk on me! First round!

Sorry, I gotta work tomorrow. Plus I don’t wanna miss this Pete Rock concert in Chicago I’m scheduled to cover.

I’m enthused because given my grades, LSAT score and prior job problems, I could’ve been blacklisted. But for whatever reason, this plan that I’ve put together seems to be working.

We’ll see how it develops. I recently received fee waivers from George Mason University, Marquette University, University at Buffalo and others. A lot of my friends have received fee waivers, almost as if the colleges are handing ’em out like numbers at a DMV office.

The main reason, they said, was because I fit their profile and I was referred to them by the LSADS Candidate Referral Service.

But it seems to me to have more to do with my LSAT score finally being released than anything.

I’m taking advantage of the offers. Like the famed, scholar and griot DJ Quik said “Balance & Options.” I want have options, so hopefully that can bring some balance to this decision.

I’ve initiated the financial aid process, too. Filled out the FAFSA last week. I hope I get some money, ’cause I damn sure need it. Don’t know if the Feds are going to be willing to loan $100,000 out to someone who already owes them $30,000. But that’s had I dealt myself. Gotta play it out.

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