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Hi My name is Greg Fields

My name is Greg Fields. I’m an entertainment reporter in Decatur, IL., Central Illinois. Or downstate for all you Chicagoans. I was born in Andrews, Texas, grew up in Bakersfield, Ca., went to school in Tallahassee, Fla. Pretty much, I’ve been to damn near all corners of t
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Entry from Diary

Again, I got faked out. It came in a small envelope, marked New York Law School. It was small but pudgy, sticking out and full. I’m thinking, “Does it really take all of those words to say, ‘No thanks?'” My surprise. They said yes. Not only was I accepted at NY
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Gregg’s Second Post

Well, I got an acceptance letter from University of Pacific today. My first one. One down, 34 more to go! It came in the famous “big envelope.” I’m thinking, “it can’t be…not this early.” But it was. Everybody! Kahlua and milk on me! First rou
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